Competition Runner Up Models Potter's Herbals Apron

Potter's Herbals competition runner-up Theodora, has kindly sent us a picture of her wearing the apron which she recently won.

She said, 'Wow - that was a surprise - I am so delighted to have won a Potter's Herbals apron and here's a picture of me doing some gardening. It is perfect for the job! The plant in my hand is Hyssopus officinalis, sadly not flowering yet because it's been so chilly.' 

The Hyssop plant is used in Potter's Cough Remover and Potter's Catarrh Mixture, as it contains marruniin which is an expectorant and ursolic acid which has anti-inflammatory activity. 

To also be in with a chance to win, look out for our next Potter's Herbals competition, coming soon. 

Potter's Runner Up wearing branded apron