A piece of nostalgia

Look what I came across…


Handed to me of recent was one of my ‘Potter’s Asthma Cure’ tins, which I developed back in the ‘40s. 

Created specifically ‘For the relief of Asthma, Hay Fever, Bronchitis & diseases of the upper respiratory apparatus’, I created this unique compound powder, where you simply took one teaspoonful of the powder, ignited it with a match and inhaled the fumes.  Back in the ‘40s, this was quite ground-breaking stuff! 

In the severe paroxysms of Asthma it will be found specially valuable, affording relief when all other remedies fail.”

And can you believe that back then this was suitable for children too?

Many of the ailments I was helping to remedy still play a part in modern day life today, but it amazes me how much herbal remedies have developed even in the past century…

If you have any nostalgia Potter’s items sitting around, I would love to receive them, so do please send them to:

Potter’s Herbals
C/O Ceuta Healthcare Ltd
Hill House
41 Richmond Hill