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Before any sordid thoughts enter your head it's time we put a damper on this post; we're not about to discuss adult bed time entertainment. National Bed Month however, we are. 

Beginning today, Monday 3rd March, we predict UK habitants to be tweeting about their beds as the official Sleep Awareness Week kicks off. Who knew there was such a thing?

Here are some facts from the Henry Potter Advisory Committee to shock you into sleeping better:

  • 1 in 3 people complain they suffer from poor quality sleep because they don't go to bed feeling relaxed.
  • A third of us stay awake at night thanks to work stress and money problems whirring around in our head. Sound familiar?
  • 16.4% of women state that body issues, including worrying about their weight, prevent them from falling asleep.
  • 20.6% of women wake up thanks to their partner's snoring whilst only 8.5% of men suffer from their other half's noisy nose. 
  • Over half of us believe that our memory is worsened because of a lack of sleep.
  •  54.2% of us think that our skin is ageing too fast because we don't spend enough time in the land of nod.
  • Worryingly, 1 in 10 people admit to being in a car accident because of tiredness. 
  • Over a quarter of people have had regrettable arguments with their partner because of a lack of sleep.

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Now, unbelievable facts stored in our brain (but do you get enough sleep to remember them?) here are a bunch of evening entertainment ideas that you should be partaking in for a better night's kip.

Relaxing activities: Entertainment in its most basic form is listening to music, and that doesn't necessarily mean music with words. Try bird song, waves breaking on a beach, even dolphin calls.

Taking a long soak will help to relax your body, as will meditation and yoga. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation both aid good, long sleep.

If you're looking to sit down and enjoy a nice warm brew with your partner, ditch the sugary coffee and swap it for a hot herbal tea. Whilst you're there, the Potters Nod Off Mixture from Boots has been known to work some much needed sleep magic.

Reading: Yes, time to turn the TV off. Replacing it with a good read is not an option though, we're talking something boring, something that will send you to sleep. Adrenaline pumping, attention capturing novels are definite no-goes as you'll end up not wanting to put it down, we're talking the most mundane book you can find.

Avoid tablets, laptops and phones at this point, their backlight will stimulate your brain.

Potter’s Nodoff Mixture is a traditional herbal remedy used to aid sleep