Stress causes sleepless nights for a third of Brits

Article from TotallyLiving -

The nation's sleeping habits are being ruined by work related stress with a third saying it keeps them awake at night, new research revealed today.


A good night's sleep is essential to help our body and mind repair from the day, yet nearly 30 per cent of us complain about not getting enough.  The biggest challenge reported in the survey commissioned by the Henry Potter Advisory Committee from Potter's Herbals was finding the time to relax and unwind before bed.  And while a third said work worries prevented them from drifting off, over 25 per cent said concerns about finances kept them awake at night.

The results also showed that women suffered more from insomnia than men with 10 per cent more women than men saying they found it hard to relax and unwind mentally and physically before going to sleep.

A spokesperson for the Henry Potter Advisory Committee said that they are concerned about the amount of people who say their health is affected by lack of sleep.

"Over half of participants said they believed lack of sleep had caused  them to have a poorer memory, with 54.2 per cent stating that they believed it has resulted in their skin ageing prematurely."

Digestive health was also said to be affected by lack of sleep by almost half of respondents.

When asked how they would like to treat their insomnia, one in five said  they would prefer to try a herbal medicine over conventional treatments to help them get a good nights sleep.

To help drift off into a deep sleep, try to switch off from all computers, mobile phones and the TV at least half an hour before heading to bed. Experts advise avoiding late night meals and exercising in the evening.

Potter's Herbals also has a range of traditional licensed medicines which includes remedies that can help promote a good night's sleep. Their Nodoff Mixture contains Passiflora, combined with Jamaica dogwood, hops, valerian and scullcap to aid natural sleep.

Potter’s Nodoff Mixture is a traditional herbal remedy used to aid sleep