New year, the new relaxed you thanks to Potter's Herbals

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According to a recent British survey 9 out of 10 people reported feeling stressed every week, with prolonged or chronic stress leading to significant mental and physical illness. Symptoms included depression, feeling sick or run down, relationship problems, becoming easily distracted, feeling overwhelmed and generally feeling that stress was taking over reducing ones quality of life. Sound familiar? Did 2012 leave you feeling burnt out? Well, don’t worry as 2013 is time for a new relaxed you thanks to Potter’s Herbals NewRelax.

Tried and tested (yes they do work!) the key to Potter’s Herbals NewRelax success is a unique blend of scullcap, hops, vervain and valerian, which together provide symptomatic relief from tension, irritability and agitation caused by the stresses and strains of modern daily life. Already widely used as a relaxant, valerian acts as a sedative combating excitability, exhaustion and insomnia and has been shown to help with anxiety disorder. Similarly hops and scullcap are both natural tranquilisers and have become popular remedies in combating sleeplessness and nervous tension. While the vervain, also known as verbena, which too acts as an anti-depressant, is more commonly used to combat colds, coughs and indigestion thanks to its antimicrobial flavanoids and anti-inflammatory triterpenes. To be taken daily, you’ll be cool as cucumber this new year with Potter’s Herbals NewRelax in no time!

And if you need a little extra help falling and staying asleep, Potter’s Herbals Nodoff Mixture with passiflora (passion flower), Jamaica dogwood, hops, valerian and scullcap will help you do just that. Have a happy relaxed 2013!

Potter’s Herbals NewRelax (60 tablets) £5.57 and Potter’s Herbals Nodoff Mixture £6.32

Potter’s New Relax is a traditional herbal remedy used the for the symptomatic relief of tenseness, irritability or agitation due to the stresses and strains of modern life