What's that cough?

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Few of us get through the year without a cough of some sort ­ but should you treat it, let it run its course, or see a doctor?

The persistent cough

Sounds: like any of the above.

Need to know: A cough that goes on isn’t necessarily serious, but see your GP to rule out whooping cough, TB (if you’re tired and have lost weight), heart failure (if it’s accompanied by breathlessness), and cancer (especially if there’s blood).

Do this: Any cough that goes on for more than two weeks should be checked out, or sooner if you’re coughing up blood.

Which cough syrup?

  • Kaloba (£7.99 for 100ml from Boots) Makes the villi in the airways work faster to remove infections.
  • Nelson’s Sootha (£4.49 for 150ml from Boots) Contains a homeopathic remedy for all cough types.
  • Potter’s Cough Remover (£4.59 for 150ml from health stores) Contains herbs that reduce irritation.

Potter’s Cough Remover is a traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of coughs.