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Here at Potter's Herbals your health and well-being matter to us which is why we’ve dedicated the past two centuries to creating herbal remedies of the very highest quality.

Dear Potter’s Customers,

 Here at Potter’s Herbals, we strive for excellence in our products to ensure that we supply you with the highest quality herbal remedies at all times. Due to this mission for excellence, we only use the highest quality ingredients and will not accept anything less. 

 We are currently experiencing some ingredient supply issues which are affecting product availability. Please accept our apologies for this and be reassured that we are working hard to rectify the issues and get products back in stock as soon as possible.

 The lines that are currently affected by these supply delays are as follows:

Elixir of Echinacea
Cough Remover
Chest Mixture
Catarrh and Congestion Relief
Nodoff Tablets
Cold & Flu Relief
Calm & Relax

Joint Pain Relief
Catarrh Mixture

All other Potter’s Herbal lines are available and ready for purchase in your local retailers. For further information on where we are stocked, please visit our “Where to Buy” page.

 We really value our your custom, so please bear with us. We will post regular updates on this website, so please check back to find out when products will be back instore.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter

 The Potter’s Herbals Team

We have a long and proud heritage, and I’m delighted that the principles of quality, expertise and attention to detail I laid out when I set up shop back in 1812, are still followed by the firm to this day.

Our traditional remedies aren’t just manufactured they have been created by professionals in our purpose-built, pharmaceutical-grade facility at Wigan, here in the heart of the North-West of England. Our experts draw on hundreds of years’ worth of knowledge and tradition to create multi-ingredient remedies from carefully-selected herbs.

Each ingredient in a Potter’s remedy works in harmony with the others. Potter’s Herbals treat a wide range of ailments from coughs, colds and constipation through to sleep disturbances, stress and sciatica.

Our remedies are among the oldest licensed medicines, so you can choose our products for yourself and your family with the utmost confidence. At Potter’s Herbals, our experts have been working hard to ensure the safety and quality of our products to help better educate you. All the Potter’s Herbal Remedies are now fully THR licensed and feature the accredited logo on their packaging to make it easier for you and your family to identify.

Sincere good wishes, and the very best of health to you all.thr logo without cert

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Henry Potter

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