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Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)


In trials Bacopa monnieri has produced favourable results for the management of a range of mindfulness conditions including poor cognition, lack of attention, and promoting memory and cognitive health.

The specific Bacopa monnieri extract CDRI 08, has been scientifically researched to support memory, concentration and focus. It also helps cognitive wellbeing and may be beneficial during times of stress when calm focus is required, such as for students. This specific extract is proven to be suitable for those people wanting to stay mentally sharp.

The Plant

The Plant

Bacopa monnieri is a member of the family Scrophulariaceae, (Sanskrit; Brahmi). It is a creeping annual plant found throughout the Indian subcontinent in wet, damp and marshy areas. Bacosides are the major component of a Bacopa monnieri extract with 55% Bacosides historically claimed as the effective level.


Potter’s Memory & Focus contains 55% Bacosides. However, this is not necessarily the critical differentiating factor - only by using Potter’s Memory & Focus with CDRI 08 can people be confident that they are using the same exact product that has been scientifically tested and has demonstrated effectiveness and excellent tolerability.


Traditional Uses

Traditional Uses

Bacopa monnieri, which is also known as brahmi or water hyssop, has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda, the ‘science of life’, was written in 3500 BCE in India and it describes various therapeutic approaches for health and wellbeing management, including symptoms of various central nervous system disorders, including memory disorders. The goal of Ayurveda was to help an individual lead a healthy life of 100 years and this was achieved via good nutrition, diet and good conduct, in combination with the use of rejuvenating plants or rasayana plants.

Ancient scholars used Bacopa monnieri to help them memorise lengthy scriptures and research has confirmed it helps support memory and cognition. Bacopa monnieri primary activity is thought to stem from increasing neural communication. It has anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties and is thought to help improve the blood flow to the brain and modulate neurotransmitters (a chemical messenger that carries, boosts, and balances signals between neurons, or nerve cells, and other cells in the body. These chemical messengers can affect a wide variety of both physical and psychological functions including heart rate, sleep, appetite, mood, and fear.)

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